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The meaning of ‚death‚ adds more facets to the impression of Tod, fitting well with this album, and music of that region, the path, the style, the dance‚ Everything is restarting. So not talking about the music, the new album‚s visual aspect is a very intense style, when you said you want to have this kind of album, what were the reactions of people around you. In the beginning they were worried, honestly the intense style can‚t be seen by the naked eyes, even though ‚oh, so intense‚ this kind of shocked reaction is there, but to connect that part with very a favorable impression of the stage, to grasp it in the degree is hard. But, compared to other Korean singers to be able to go this intense style is because right now I can‚t appear on any TV activities. Um‚‚ I should say I‚m not participating.

Sedation with ‚non-sedating‚ antihistamines: four prescription-event monitoring studies in general practice. BMJ?: British Medical Journal. 2000;320(7243):1184-1187.]