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I continued to work with Anca after she, and her family (husband Lucian and daughter Ileana) gained asylum in Denmark. I continued my visits to her new home in Copenhagen, and she continued her visits to my home in Berkeley, with side trips such as to UCLA.

Study Groups. Anca Giurchescu (1930-2015): Memories from her ICTM friends. Here are some of the reactions to the sad news of Anca Giurchescu by her colleagues and friends. Anca‚s "four sisters" Irene Loutzaki. For the first time, I met Anca during the 16th Symposium in Budapest. We became friends.

An unforgettable memoir of the post war era, from the Jewish girl who toured our country as Miss America and found heroic veterans, wily promoters, adoring fans, bigoted rejection and the joys of political activism. App.]