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Arch Neurol 38 (12) : 783. 154. Angibaud G, Leveque JM, Laurent D, Gaultier C. (2000) [Neurological features after consumption of a variety allegra d price at costco neo-caledonian shellfish]. Rev Neurol (Paris) 156 (1) : 65-6. 155. Chan TY, Kwok TC.

Contraindicated. Serious - Use Alternative. Significant - Monitor Closely. Adverse Effects. Varies in incidence amp; severity with the individual drug; also individual patients vary in susceptibility. Otitis media (2. 5) Frequency Not Defined. Sedation ranging from mild pricd to deep sleep (most frequent) Restlessness, euphoria, nervousness, delirium, palpitation, seizures is less common. Cholestasis, hepatitis, codtco failure, hepatic function abnormality, jaundice is rare. Tachycardia, palpitation ECG changes (eg, widened QRS) Arrhythmias (eg, extrasystole, heart block) Dizziness, sedation, and hypotension may occur in geriatric patients.

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