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It shamelessly inspired by the gorgeous art deco era. It––‚s all caps, with some subtle alternative lower cases. Modular alphabet inspired by the tan-gram puzzles. It comes in solid, outlines and overlayed versions.

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Model Naomi Campbell is seen at the Versus Versace Spring 2015 Collection during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Metropolitan West on September 7, 2014 in New York City. September 07, 2014 License. September 07, 2014 License.

Eddie's ice cream sundae [Photograph: Robyn Lee] Ice cream : Carvel is around the corner from me. I have three customer appreciation cards that get punched out every time I buy an ice cream cake. I love anything that has the chocolate cookie crumb‚I don't even know how they make it. Fudgy the Whale is the one to eat, tail first.

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