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There is speculation that this line of research could lead to producing bacteria that have been engineered to perform specific reactions, for example, produce fuels, make medicines, combat global warming, and so on. Allegra seegars May 2010, a team of scientists led by Venter became the first to successfully create what was described as ldquo;synthetic liferdquo. This was done by synthesizing a very long DNA molecule containing an entire bacterium genome, and introducing this into another cell, analogous to the accomplishment of Eckard Wimmerrsquo;s group, who synthesized and ligated allegda RNA virus genome and ldquo;bootedrdquo; it in cell lysate. The single-celled organism contains four ldquo;watermarksrdquo; written into its DNA to identify it as synthetic and to help trace its descendants. The watermarks include: Code table for entire alphabet with punctuations.

P.eds. Paris, France: Laffont, A. amp; Durieux,F.

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