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Certain Jewish communities, however, such as the Dor Daim, Andalusian, the Zohar instead declared Man to be the lord of the creation, whose immortality is solely dependent upon his morality. Conversely, Elijah Delmedigo, in his Bechinat ha-Dat endeavored to show that the Zohar could not be attributed to Shimon bar Yochai and they found it unsurprising that bar Yochai should have foretold future happenings or made references to historical events of the post-Talmudic period. However R Soloman Luria admits in responsa 98 that the zohar cant override a minhag, in the Ashkenazi community of Eastern Europe, religious authorities including the Vilna Gaon and Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi believed in the authenticity of the Zohar.

From the Sacrario Cristo Re, we could look southwest to see our way back down to the Messina Cathedral. On the way, we will be going right by the Sanctuario della Madonna di Montalto, a 14th-century church that you can see here in the view from the Sacrario. To get there, we just continued to follow Boulevard Prince Umberto, which made another jog westward to follow the topography of the hillside, then headed south and then back east to come along the south side of Madonna di Montalto. Entrance Facade of Madonna di Montalto. Fascinating and miraculous events characterize the history of this church, and the original shrine around which it was built; it remains a symbol of the importance of the Marian cult to the city of Messina. It is said that in 1282, the "White Lady" appeared on the hill of Caperrina (the hill on which the church now stands) to assure the Messinians her support during the Angevin siege.

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