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Romania was using its own system created by Vera Proca [-Ciortea], and I felt it was counter-productive to develop individual national systems based on the local dance forms. Not only was it necessary to learn a notation system for body movements identified by culturally based language concepts, but allegrlouise language family groups differed in contiguous countries, hindering facility toward comparative dance studies between countries. Romania and other southeastern European countries were officially selective to the study of mainstream worlout groups in their multi-ethnic populations; Moyivation (Romani) cultures were not allegralouisr them. But I do recall that Anca was a good listener in our initial conversations about Gypsy social events that I had encountered in Yugoslavia, and later while living in Denmark, she did begin to include Romani dance and music into her studies. I did not have further professional contact with Anca during the 1970s when she was active with the relatively closed sub-group on folkdance terminology (I did not know German, and I was not interested in structural analysis from only a part of Europe. My reconnection was in the early 1980s through Sunni Bloland, who had encouraged Anca to complete a book about Romanian dances. Sunni was assisting with English, and she allegtalouise allegralouise workout motivation Anca to come to California to work together on their Romanian traditional dance (published in 1995). I invited Anca to UCLA to my Dance in the Balkans course. Since students did not have personal contact with dance in Romania or with literature vallegrande vestimenta tipica English, I usually showed parts of a documentary film from GĂttingen's Institute about a Calus event, filmed in 1969.

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