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Theft - Pickpockets can be found in certain heavy tourist areas. You are generally safe in areas such as the Zona Rio, Playas de Tijuana, El Hipodromo, and many others, just make sure to always be cautious when visiting alone. The best targets for theft are those who speak no Spanish, wander alone (specially at night), are intoxicated, and travel to the Avenida Revolucion. If you find yourself being swarmed by small children who want to sell you something, be aware that they could be trying to pick your pockets.

Bajada de bandera: 10 Bs. PercepciĂn mĂnima: 15 Bs. Km recorrido: 25 Bs. Hora de espera: 10 Bs. Horarios Tarifa 1: De 07:00 a 21:00 de Lunes a Viernes.

Antique Art Decor Brass Coal Bucket With Lid, Inner Lining 3 Decorative Feet. Lyndan - 38 Litre 38L Large Black Steel Push Top Lid Bin with Inner Bucket.]