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2 Il secolo diciassettesimo. Seifert, Jaroslav (Praga 1901-1986) Poeta ceco. Tra le opere La citt in lacrime (1921), Sulle onde della telegrafia senza fili (1925) e Il ponte di pietra (1944). Seiffert, Max (Beeskow, Brandeburgo 1868-Schleswig 1948) Musicologo tedesco.

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Southwest Minnesota State University 1998 2002. Bachelor of Science (BS), Computer Science and Mathematics. Capstone Technology Corporation July 2008 - Present. TempWorks Software February 2005 - June 2008. Howry Residential Services 2003 - 2008.

I would not say that I am insecure about my hearing aids anymore, as I am more than used to them and have come to accept myself for who I am, aside from the fact that my hearing aids aren't overly noticeable.]