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Very disappointed in the dessert. We giullari dellallegra brigata for the Downtown Dining Week and I had the 45 three course meal. Appetizer and meal were good, but nothing special. For dessert, it was suppose to be a limoncello cream cheese custard. Instead, I saw them pull out a President039;s Choice box with mini cheesecakes. They added whipped cream and chocolate sauce. To say the least, it was not that great.

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Featuring church choirs and solo performers, this program probes the origins, roles, and activities of the Black Church, looking specifically at its role in the struggle for civil rights. This film documents the theory and practice of the Vaastu tradition of Indian art, architecture, craft and design; a tradition that is in danger of being lost. The making of stone idols at Mammallapuram, the casting of bronzes in Kumbakonam, and the building of stone temples at Kamudhi are shown.

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Few people (re: Rihanna, Fan Bing Bing, Bee Shaffer) actually ever dress appropriately- or understand the theme enough- to make the effort to play along with it. This problem was never more apparent than it was this year, since most attendees took the idea of 8220;Fahion in the Age of Technology8221; as permission to dress like robots or as characters in some sort of low budget post- apocolyptic punk movie (most of the Louis Vuitton crew). There was no ingenuity or drama, nothing that referenced the incredible craftsmanship of the exhibition or even highlighted the work of some of the great designers on display.]