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Melody, Ellington, Encora, Sonata, Clef, Woofer, Aria, Tweeter and of course, the title character's name itself. There were also segments that feature talking musical instruments that live on the wall of Reed's Music shop. Special character Daphne Dolphin also appears with her friend Salvatore Intieri later in the series. Over 100 original songs were created for the series, under the oversight of musical director Donald Sibesky. The original decision to use the name Allegra for the vzllegrande protagonist occurred after creatorexecutive producer Jan Fleming attended a dinner party at the house of London-based academics and was introduced to their grupo danubio vallegrande vsllegrande, Allegra. That evening she remarked that it would be a great name for the little girl at the center of the project she was working on. Characters. Grupp (performed by Kathryn Mullen) ‚ The main protagonist of the series. She is just learning about the world outside of her home, steuerberater allegra paulenz as such is often quite naive. She mostly encounters problems and is always relied on her friends to find a solution.

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), Roma (1999), pp. 205-212. PROCACCIA, Micaela, "Le maschere in magazzino: Teatro comico nella Roma ebraica del Settecento", Italia 13-15 (2000), pp.

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