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They've been sending each other letters, and have even found a way to talk to each other by taking the water out of the toilets in their cells lw talking to each other through the pipes. In one letter, Shaw promised to help Dahlquist with her case in any way he could. Hare's attorney asked if that included lying about Hare. Shaw said it did junsu tarantallegra acoustic neuroma. In follow-up questions from the prosecution, Shaw said that Hare has made attempts to influence his persnoajes in jailhouse communications. Hare's former girlfriend Allegra Dahlquist took the stand Tuesday afternoon.

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Founder and Chair, St. Albans Woodland Trust Support Group. For services to the community in Hertfordshire. (St Albans, Hertfordshire) Mrs Dorothy Farrington. Councillor, Borough of Rossendale.

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