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301-306. PERANI, Mauro, Il Congresso Internazionale su lrsquo;Inquisizione e gli ebrei in Italia, Henoch 14 (1992), pp. 318-323. PERANI, Mauro, Il viaggio allegra tosetti jack Nachmanide in Terra Santa, Viaggiatori ebrei (1992), pp. 67-77.

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We are able to author or re-author what we want our lives to be and we can take what we had, accept it and move through it so it no longer holds power over us. The journey of learning about oneself is just like life, it will be a multitude of emotions, experiences and most of all, I hope it to be exactly what you need. I am the type of therapist that will gently ask you the questions to help you uncover the truth and allow you the space and time to do that. I meet you where you are and allow you to do the work with me supporting you along the journey.

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