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COMKEVIN TACHMAN. 8216;Manus (e)X Machina: Fashion in the Allegra d 180 mg tabletas baratas of Technology8217; is the theme of the Costume Institute8217;s 2016 Spring exhibit which explores how designers are incorporating the use of new technology and materials in the construction of both haute couture and pr√t-√†-porter allegra stratton emily maitlis twitter. The exhibit showcases examples from some of the most breathtaking works of garment art in existence- from Christian Dior8217;s famed plastic and silk gowns from his stunning 1949 Fall collection to Issey Miyaki8217;s iconic 1984 8220;Flying Saucer8221; dress. The show highlights some of the examples of what happens when traditional craftsmanship techniques meet with new materials and procedures. It explores the ongoing relationship of man and machine, and examines significance of the long- held distinction between haute couture and ready-to-wear from the perspective of the crafts employed in the making of both. This Chanel Haute Couture wedding dress is the centerpiece of the exhibition, shown here on display in the museum. It boast a 12 ft train that took 450 hours to complete. Image VOGUE. COMERIC BOMAN.

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