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Partial quotes or editing the contents are not allowed. OT5, FuckSM(Including TV2XQ) fan, coupleshippers cannot use or move any of this blog‚s contents [NEWS] SM pontevedra vedova allegra JYJ failed to reach agreement again ‚ Dragged Out Again. SM and JYJ failed to reach agreement again ‚ Dragged Out Again. SM Entertainment and the group JYJ (Jaejoong Kim, Junsu Michael steeb arcotel allegra and Yuchun Park) who have been in dispute regarding the exclusive contract of the Idol group TVXQ failed to find an agreement and remained as far apart as ever. Seoul Central District Court Civil Department 47 held an arbitration date for JYJ‚s exclusive contract dispute at Arbitration room 579 of Seoul Central District Court. The lawsuit was about to be ruled on Sep 13, but it was brought to arbitration by the court‚s authority.

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And since my great interest was the Dance Event, to my doing the opening address at Copenhagen Study group meeting and to Romania, in 1990, for the wonderful research group, which Anca organized, and, which Colin was a part of and reported on, and many years of long and stimulating discussions at Study Group meetings, I was SO AWARE of her absence this last summer in Korcula, that is when my sadness started. Oh, Anca, you will be missed. Allison Singer. I met Anca once in Monghidoro, I remember her smile and her gentle encouragement.

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JYJ haters worked hard that day trolling and JYJ fans were protecting both Hani and Junsu from them, at the end it8217;s JYJ fans (who were mostly positive about the news) who are accused. some reporters need to get back to school and learn basics of Journalism. I was puzzled a bit because CJES asked us to leave them alone since it is their private matter, but her side appeared with her Instagram or this kind of program8230; although the Junsu side keeps silence8230.]