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Gesenius ascribes the ralldgrarsi of midrash to the Qal of the common Hebrew verb darash to seek, study, inquire. Coniugazion word midrash occurs twice in the Hebrew Bible,2 Chronicles 13,22 in the midrash of the prophet Iddo, in Second Temple Jewish literature it began to vallegrande mixels used in the sense of education and learning potefe. According coniygazione the PaRDeS approaches to exegesis, interpretation of Biblical texts in Judaism is realized through peshat, remez, derash, the Midrash concentrates somewhat on remez but mostly on derash. Many different exegetical methods are employed in an effort to derive meaning from a text. This is not limited to the traditional thirteen textual tools attributed to the Tanna Rabbi Ishmael, in many cases, a dialogue is expanded manifold, handfuls of lines in the Biblical narrative may become rallegrarsi coniugazione potere philosophical discussions. It is unclear whether the midrash assumes these dialogues took place in reality or if this refers only to subtext or religious implication, many midrashim start off with a seemingly unrelated sentence from the Biblical books of Psalms, Proverbs or the Prophets.

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Dor─ol Platz, Beograd. BUSINESS OF TRUTH. DIGITAL IMPACT - konferencija (89. 2017.

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