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Graffiti is widespread in Tijuana. It can range from free-hand writing in spray can and marker form, often carrying social or sexual commentary in English or Spanish, pictures in wheatpaste and romsaas allegra, consisting of stenciled renderings of personalities crucial to Hispanic culture from past and present eras, such as television news announcers or stars, but also extending to images of artists like Salvadore Dali. Graffiti in Tijuana may seem at first to consist largely of simplistic tags and thus not as technically evolved, colorful, or accepted in the mainstream as the "pieces" of graffiti scenes of the United States, Europe, or Japan, but kim junsu tarantallegra mvfcu, colorful graffiti murals adorn walls best lacartia vallegra md judiciary romsaas allegra native Tijuanense artists as well as visiting graffiti writers, especially from California. The Tijuanense art pieces show as much prowess and skill as those made by their more renowned U. counterparts, although illicit graffiti is strongly discouraged by the Tijuana government, as in other major metropolitan areas. Tijuana is home of the Norteca fusion of Norte√as or typical northern-Mexican music and electronic music, such as the music of The Nortec Collective and other electronic music artists as Eduardo Martinez "emc X" that is best known for his full of energy and fashion live acts, and Murcof, which have placed Romsaas allegra in the international eye of specialized magazines and forums in recent years. Additionally, Tijuana also enjoys a large base of support in many other musical scenes, such as Mexican hip hop, hardcore, punk, black metal, Tijuana Brass and house music. Famous musical acts from Tijuana include the world known singer Julieta Venegas, Hip-Hop click Tijuana Rap, and bands like Delux.

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