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PIATTELLI, Sominex inactive ingredients in allegra (vd. BENAMOZEGH, Elia) piattelli, elio, ed.Canti liturgici ebraici di rito italiano, trascritti e commentati. Testo ebraico, italiano, inglese, Roma (1967), XVIII, 202 pp.facs. [piattelli, elio], Mario Castelnuovo Tedeseo, Israel 53 n.

Sing. Persona generica di cui non interessa spminex, citato con tizio e caio. Semprun, Jorge (Madrid 1923-) Romanziere. Tra le opere Il grande viaggio (1963) e Che bella domenica.

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As I came from an entirely different tradition (American Anthropology) and research in a different part of the world (Pacific Islands), Anca‚s publications and knowledge were unknown to me. I attended her paper in Bayonne and was astonished that her methods were so similar to mine. I had not read her earlier publications and she had probably not read my paper in Ethnomusicology from the previous year (1972).

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