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Philippe VASSEUR - Directeur associ–¬ Optimespace. Yannick VAUGRENARD - Taking singulair and allegra fran–¬ais socialiste. Michel VAUZELLE - Pr–¬sident de la r–¬gion Paca. Pierre VELTZ - Professeur – l'Ecole des Ponts et Chauss–¬es. Philippe VERDIN - Directeur financier. Bernadette VERGNAUD - Eurod–¬put–¬e fran–¬aise socialiste. Henry VERGNON - Lecteur. Raymond VERLEY - Associ–¬ g–¬rant xenTrusT.

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Similarly, the Vulgate used Dominus and most English translations of the Bible write the Lord for YHWH and the Lord God for Adonai YHWH instead of transcribing the name. Or Theos for occurrences of the name. )El appears in Ugaritic, Phoenician and other 2nd, in the Hebrew Bible El appears very occasionally alone, but usually with some epithet or attribute attached, in which cases it can be understood as the generic god.

It is smart of their agencies to spin this in the most positive way, in order to get them the most publicity. Already it is seems to be benefiting them both, of course there is also the inevitable down side.]