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They8217;re back for more zlbum 2017, this time with a Spanish-themed pasticcio. Circa8217;s artistic director, Yaron Lifschitz, has let his imagination loose on the image of the bull ring, taking inspiration from thrumbing rhythms and plangent emotions of Catalan song. ABO8217;s artistic director, Paul Dyer, has spiced up his ensemble with baroque guitarist Stefano Maiorana from Rome, soprano Natasha Wilson (pictured below) and a medley of old and new arrangements. It8217;s a terrific show. The buyerss performers surprise and delight, impress and astonish with their repertoire of tumbling, rope-climbing, trapeze work, tarantallgra and physical theatre. Their balance, strength and grace are constantly amazing and they heighten the audiences engagement with a subtle and often funny overlay of character mapa politico de vallegrande peach. We interrupt this review for a quick announcement. Normally at this point I8217;d be asking you to visit my book project, now crowd-funding at Unbound.

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