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Many shops and stalls selling Mexican crafts and souvenirs are also located in walking distance from the border. Mexico's drinking age of 18 (vs. 21 in the United States) make it a common weekend destination for many high school and college aged Southern Californians who tend to stay within the Avenida Revolucin.

We are all blessed to know her. Socializing with Anca during a joint field work of the ICTM Sub-Study Group on field research theory and method in 2013 is really unique experience that I will always carry in my heart. I was really impressed, not only watching how Anca was interacting with the locals, but rather by the strength, passion and desire for information she constantly and charismatically passed to others. She was everywhere all the time, talking with researchers and locals, recording short shots with her little camera, observing situation and moving quickly despite her age (she was already more than 80) and difficulties in walking. As a shining memory, her passion for research and charisma in contact with people will forever inspire me.

8216;Sophie is a gifted teacher in her ability to let you feel comfortable and supported. H er classes and bring me to a centred place where I feel strong, connected to body and present in each moment8217. - Allegra Faggionato. visit our retreat calendar and set your spirit free.]